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About us


Donut King & Coffee was launched in 2007 as a single store in Kamloops, British Columbia at 1200 Summit Drive. The company focuses on top quality, always fresh products, value, great service and community leadership. This focus has allowed it to grow into a restaurant chain specializing in always fresh coffee, baked goods and homestyle lunches. Today, original fresh donuts, baked goods, coffee and soft drinks are complimented by an extensive menu, including soups, sandwiches, hot lunches and other breakfast items. Pho Viet was also introduced to Donut King in 2013, and features our vietnamese cuisine. Treat yourself today!

We are also widely recognized for our business catering expertise. It is the mission of everyone associated with Donut King & Coffee to assist in serving the freshest foods with fast and friendly service every time. Superior service is the key to our success and sets Donut King & Coffee apart from other large donuts and coffee stores.

Marketing & Research:

Donut King & Pho Viet is always seeking new ideas, suggestions and new product concepts. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions on how we can assist you. We rely entirely on our own advertising, research, marketing and product planning for the generation and development of new concepts. Franchise opportunities are also available. Why not start your own Donut King & Coffee today! Our business strategy is focused on offering value-priced, quality products and exceptional service.


From the beginning of Donut King & Coffee's establishment, Donut King & Pho Viet has practiced a philosophy of giving back to the communities in which we operate. Donut Kings & Pho Viet owners support a variety of local fundraising initiatives in their communities. As a local business owner, we try to focus on helping children and support fundraising events for non-profit organizations.